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From 8 April 2001 Issue:


This "new coalition" of 50 state "Animal Rescue" e-lists is in fact an arm of NAIA -- the National Animal Interest Alliance -- whose real "interest" in animals is their total exploitation. NAIA's board of directors comprises hunters, trappers, furriers, vivisectionists, agri-businessmen, "entertainers" like Berosini of orangutan infamy, and pet-industry pimps representing puppy millers and pet store owners.

We urge you to do one of three things:

1. Ignore their invitation completely -- but DO forward this email intact to all of your own legitimate lists; or

2. Mail the invitation back to them (just the invitation portion, without this warning), adding your own heartfelt comments; or

3. Accept their invitation to join -- but limit your involvement to serving as an infiltrator and report back to your legitimate lists exactly what these bogus s.o.b.'s are up to. (As you can see, they have an "Animal Rescue" list for every state plus D.C.)

Below is the forwarded invitation. Please read it. (You'll have to wade through the anti-animal rights ranting & raving to get to the particulars about the "Animal Rescue" lists.)

Sound good? Hardly! Think of the lists as the email equivalent of "bunchers" who answer Free to Good Home ads, then turn around and hand over the animals to research laboratories, or to puppy millers for use as breeding stock, or to lowlifes for use as live bait for fighting dogs.=20 Remember the old adage: "If it sounds too good to be true...."

NAIA is desperate to create an air of legitimacy for itself -- to be accepted by the genuine animal-advocacy community. Whatever minuscule benefit that might -- MIGHT -- derive from these new "rescue" lists is absolutely at cross-purposes with their parent organization NAIA's goal:=20 public acceptance of complete and unconditional animal exploitation.=20=20

Consider yourself warned.

For the animals, Livi French, Director The Caring Corps, Inc. Box 319 Gracie Sta., NY, NY 10028

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