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From 8 April 2001 Issue:


Information- (sample letter follows):

SHARK representatives Steve Hindi and Donna Hertel, in cooperation with animal advocates from Europe, will attend the April 11 shareholders meeting of DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation in Berlin, Germany. They will try to persuade the maker of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep-Eagle and Mercedes Benz automobiles to get out of rodeos. If DaimlerChrysler refuses, it will never again be able to claim ignorance regarding the cruelty of rodeos.

Steve and Donna will be equipped with still pictures and video footage of rodeo animal abuse. Many of the scenes prominently display Dodge advertisements in rodeo arenas.

According to rodeo sources, Dodge gives the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) over 6.6 million dollars annually. Dodge also sponsors other rodeo organizations, so its sponsorship may well be over $10 million per year!

Hopefully DaimlerChrysler will realize that we are very serious about this campaign. It is vital that the millions DaimlerChrysler contributes to rodeos be eliminated! SHARK will enlist the help of the German people, and Europeans in general. The recent award-winning rodeo expose by French television network ARTE should be of great help. In fact, ARTE's producer, Uwe Muller, is German.


German Headquarters:
Mrs. Mertzig-Stein Press Dept. in Stuttgart
[email protected]  

Dr. Rainer Beckmann Asst. to Mr. Fleig (on the Board of Managers) [email protected]  

US Headquarters:
Dr. Dieter Zetsche (Chrysler CEO)
[email protected] 

Mr. Jim Julow (VP of Dodge)
[email protected] 

DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2766
Phone: 248-576-5741
General Fax: 248-576-4742


Dear ( )

I recently learned that Dodge gives the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) over 6.6 million dollars annually.

Rodeos cause animals to suffer needlessly. The animals used in them are captive performers. Most are relatively tame but understandably distrustful of human beings because of the harsh treatment that they have received. Electric prods, sharp sticks, caustic ointments, and other torturous devices are used to irritate and enrage animals used in rodeos.

Animals also needlessly suffer before and after rodeo events. Animals endure constant travel in cramped pens. The proper loading of animals is rarely enforced, their travel trailers are often improperly ventilated, and feeding and watering does not occur regularly.

I am asking that DaimlerChrysler Motors Corporation stop supporting rodeos and instead, support the end of rodeos. DaimlerChrysler Motors should also be concerned about violence to rodeo animals and its effect on children.

-end of sample-

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