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From 8 December 2003 Issue

Owls and Kitty

Background: A few weeks ago, as the cold weather moved in, so did some critters [who are suspected to be rats or squirrels] in to the crawl space above our house... Of course, we didn't want to kill the critters, but fearing that they may chew threw wiring, etc., we did wish to encourage them to move elsewhere.

My friend Rae suggested getting 'Great Horned Owl' statues [Great Horned Owls are natural predators of rodents] and hanging them around the perimeter of the house in hopes of deterring any critters from entering the crawl space. Besides being a friend, Rae is an active animal rights person and she's Native American... Rae naturally knows animal behavior better than any 'wildlife behaviorist' would ever hope to know! So, I got a few 'Great Horned Owl' statues to try.

Upon returning from the hardware store, I unpacked the 'Great Horned Owl' statues and set them on the kitchen table. A few minutes later, I returned to the kitchen and jumped back when one of the owls moved! Though I'd purchased three owls, there were four!

Turns out that my youngest fur-kid was among the owls and looked eerily like them!

See if you can tell Keats from the owls... LOL

Linda J. Howard

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