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From 8 March 2004 Issue

Alleged Problem with Dog Biscuits Safety

I am an animal advocate and I am sending this out to anyone I can think of having found Nanco dog biscuits with raisins in them at a local Target store.  Recently raisins and grapes have been added to the list of potential problem foods by the ASPCA poison control center along with other things like chocolate and onions. 
I spoke to ASPCA poison people who were interested in the info.  They verified there have been enough incidents of dogs becoming ill or dying from ingesting them that there is cause for concern although at this point they are not sure if it could be something like a chemical sprayed on the grapes, etc.  I contacted a manager at my Target to ask they pull the biscuits and was initially told "the company wouldn't sell a product that could hurt dogs"--I reminded her of the deaths from flea products a few years back and that a dog could be poisoned from raisins and liability issues, etc.  I contacted Nanco and they were glad I called and were contacting their pet department immediately and seemed anxious to do the responsible thing.
Over a week later I returned and to my shock they were still on the shelf being sold at Target.  I called Target corporate who told me they ordered the destruction of the biscuits on Feb. 5, 2004 (the same day I found them again on the shelf but over a week later).  Problem is, how many were sold up until then?  While raisins are the 4th ingredient in one of the types of biscuits so probably not alot in each biscuit, I would think if a small dog ingested enough there could be a problem (a friend of mine years ago had a dog eat a whole box of dog treats it found)--.  Target assured me they would refund any money if I bought them.  They also said a recall has to go through corporate which is why it took so long.  I doubt this will make the evening news so I just wanted to try to prevent someone's dog from becoming ill or worse.
Product info:
Nanco Artlist Collection
The Dog
Dog Biscuits - Gourmet Sampler
White box with colored graphics of biscuits--cute dogs whose noses have been enlarged, product #083040549.  Box does not give pounds but is a large box with 4 kinds of biscuits and retailed at our Target for $7.99 per box.
Please pass this on, it could save a dog from becoming ill or possibly worse.

PLEASE NOTE:  all dogs do not seem to be affected by grapes and raisins and the vet at ASPCA poison said that there could be a genetic issue although both mixes and purebred dogs have had incidents. Target corporate said there was no recall of the biscuits by the FDA because no "scientific studies" were done to prove toxicity to dogs.  I found that sickening because if even one child died or a few children became ill after eating a product it would be recalled without question--they sure would not do a "scientific study" and test the product on children first to see how many died or became ill--that's simply prejudice against dogs!! 
Meanwhile, dog guardians and vets may be scratching their heads wondering how a dog under their care went into renal failure suddenly. 
Here is the article by ASPCA vet:


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