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From 8 March 2004 Issue

Cat Dies from Flea Bath at PETCO

(Editors Note: Fleas and other such  pests  can readily be treated safely and successfully by your vet, without the noxious side-effects and dangers of flea dips.)

Hi my Friends, this short article makes me think of 2 things:
(1)    I wish the guardian had done the flea bath herself, or by a vet.   Why by a common "pet" shop???  This reminds me also of the poor, poor animal companions that are sent to "beauty shops" to give them fancy hair cuts, polish their nails, even dye that hair, and other stupid things about which, not only the animals couldn't care less, but that are terribly harmful, sometimes say nothing of the poor animals being left there without their guardians, alone with those cutting/poking freak strangers!!!!!!
(2)    The "pet" shop that's fighting this woman like the devil that it is, is PETCO - which in efforts to gain the support of rescuers PRETENDS to cooperate with them...while selling animals as objects and mistreating them all the time! 
BTW, see more about PETCO and its sister "pet" shops PetsMart, Petworld and Petland:   While there, also click on "Requirements" so you can see how a TRUE rescuer/ adopter takes many precautions to avoid having the animals go to the wrong "home".
If you wish to educate the readers, you can email the writer thus:  Jess Sullivan at [email protected] or 427-6919.

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