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From Animals in Print 8 November 2000 Issue:


Dear Kevin,

Hi my name is Jessica. I am writing you concerning some steers I am trying to save from the slaughterhouse. My friend Mel and I have been planning to save them. We are teens so we need help. I just can't stand to think of Joy Boy dying (my favorite one, he is so sweet and gentle.) I must save him and the others.

I just wanted to know if I can persuade my friends father to spare the life of his steers?  Steers I bottled fed and watched grow.  Is there anyplace that they can go live out their lives??

I am hoping you have some ideas. I have read about slaughterhouses and these steers just don't deserve this horror.

Thank you,


Hi Jessica,

I can understand your concern for the Animals welfare, where are you located?   There is a group called "The Farm Sanctuary", they specialize in exactly the kind of help that you are looking for, they adopt farm animals, from Slaughterhouses and such, they give them good and proper lives.  Their web link is - Farm Sanctuary - Home Page.   Their e-mail address is [email protected] , they will be able to help you out, if for some reason they can't help, let me know, OK? Keep in Touch and good luck.

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