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From 8 October 2001 Issue

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Batch Killing of Turkeys in Their Transport Containers

turkeyslaughter.jpg (10942 bytes)124 An investigation into the batch killing of turkeys in their transport containers using mixtures of gases.

Abstract: This study was carried out under commercial conditions to investigate the feasibility of killing turkeys while they were still in their transport containers, with a mixture of gases, and to compare the effects of this method and electrical stunning on the prevalence of carcass downgrading conditions and hemorrhages in the breast muscles.   The results showed that turkeys could be readily killed while still in their transport containers by using either anoxia induced with 90 per cent argon in air or hypercapnic anoxia induced with a mixture of 30 per cent carbon dioxide and 60 per cent argon in air, and that the prevalence of carcass- downgrading conditions and hemorrhages in the breast muscles was lower after killing the turkeys with the gases. (Notice the expressions of terror on these turkeys as they enter the slaughterhouse.  Our thanks to Farm Sanctuary for the photo.)


124) NAL Call. No.: 41.8 R312 An investigation into the batch killing of turkeys in their transport containers using mixtures of gases. Raj, A.B.M. London : British Veterinary Association, 1960-; 1994 May. Research in veterinary science v. 56 (3): p. 325-331; 1994 May. Includes references.


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