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9 February 2001
Special Alert Issue

The following is information about a protest headed by ADL Chicago.


Animal Defense League, In Defense of Animals and activists around the U.S. are joining together on Thursday February 15 to protest the $33 million loan Stephens Inc. made to HLS which has enabled the lab to continue torturing and killing dogs, cats, monkeys, rats, mice, rabbits and other animals in its horrific vivisection labs. 500 animals die each day in agony during gruesome toxicity tests in HLS labs. Stephens is directly responsible for this!

Chicago Protest:

Thursday February 15, 2001

12:00 PM News Conference followed by afternoon vigil. 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM Protest

Stephens Inc.
200 South Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL. (Corner of Wacker & Adams - across the river from Union Station)

For more information:
(847) 297-3596 VM#6

Background on the campaign:

HLS is Europešs largest contract animal testing lab. 180,000 animals die there every year in archaic toxicity tests.

In 1997, animal rights organizations in the U.S. and England infiltrated HLS and emerged with shocking video coverage that would change the publicšs view of HLS forever. Extensive footage from both locations showed laboratory workers taunting and abusing animals as they were subjected to invasive procedures and chemical tests.

When the undercover evidence reached the media, HLS began to slip from a successful company into a sinking ship. British activists, acting under the unified group known as Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC), have been successful in bringing HLS financially to its knees by targeting the companies investors. As a result, HLS has come looking to the restore its shaky financial future.

In recent months, several major investors have pulled out of HLS due to direct pressure from animal rights campaigners in the UK. In November Trimark, Canadašs largest mutual fund, sold half its share in HLS. One month later, HSBC, the worlds second largest bank, dropped its entire 2.7 million shares. On January 17, 2001, Citibank pulled out, taking its whopping 10 million shares in the process. At the end of 2000, HLS shares had become so devalued that they were kicked off the NY Stock Exchange.

By January 20, 2001, HLS was on the brink of financial collapse. The Royal Bank of Scotland refused to extend the loan that was keeping HLS alive. It looked to all the world as if a major animal testing lab would close due to animal rights pressure for the first time in history.

Enter Stephens.

On January 29, 2000, it was revealed that Stephens, Inc. was the secret U.S. investor that saved HLS from being closed by extending to them a $33 million loan. Stephens, Inc. was already HLS's largest shareholder with 45.6 million shares.

Stephens chose to do this despite the fact that only 10 days earlier, representatives from SHAC traveled to the U.S. from England to meet with them to discuss HLS. SHAC presented them with full information about the horrific animal cruelty at HLS. During the meeting, Stephens disclosed not one word about the agreement that was obviously already in the works.

Stephens, Inc. is responsible for keeping Huntington Life Sciences open. We must remember that for each day that HLS remains open, another 500 dogs,cats, monkeys, rats, rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, birds, fish and other animals will die in agony.


Warren Stephens, President
Stephens, Inc.
111 Center Street
Little Rock, AR 72201

Warren Stephens' direct fax number is: 501-377-2379

Chicago Office
Janet Rouse - Vice President
200 South Wacker Drive
Suite #3800
Zip: 60606
Phone: (312) 775-3300
Toll Free: (800) 633-8354
Fax: (312) 775-3360
Email: [email protected] 

For more information on the campaign:  

Editor, Contributor
[email protected]
Consultant, Contributor
[email protected]
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[email protected]
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