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From 9 February 2004 Issue


Rabbit Sick

Dear Jill,

I am 14 and my name is Amie. My sisters rabbit died today. We don't know why she died or anything. When I got home from school I went to check on the rabbits and I just found her lying there. When I got closer to her I knew she was dead.

Since this morning my Dutch rabbit who is 2 years old has been acting weird. She is unsettled and the only way I can get her to calm down is by talking to her. My rabbit and my sister rabbit who died are sisters.

I think she knows that her sister has died. There hutches are not near each other
, and  they couldn't see each other

I don't no what to do because I am worried that, with her knowing that her sister has died. She will then get all worked up and then she will die of stress. I love her so much because I have had her since a baby and I have already lost a rabbit through and illness and I couldn't stand seeing my other rabbit die like that.

Can u please tell me what I can do to help her.

Thank you so much from Amie

Dear Amie,

Thank you very much for writing.

I am so very sorry to hear about your sister's rabbit dying.  That is so sad. If the rabbit had a disease, perhaps your bunny is sick too.  If your rabbit is sick then she needs to go to a vet immediately.  If she is stressed from smelling the other rabbit's death (rabbits have sensitive noses), then she needs a lot of love and a warm, safe, stress-free environment so that she can heal and feel better.  It's not possible for me to tell you exactly what is wrong with your rabbit without seeing her, so if she is still acting strange, please call a vet, or bring her into a veterinarian's office.

Thank you so much for caring about the animals!  Please let me know how your rabbit is doing, or what the vet says!

Best wishes,

Love and paw pats,
Jillouise Breslauer
Companion Animal Behavior Consultant
& Writer/Animal Issues
What Jill Knows 2003
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