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October 2, 2011

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On August 28th 2011  the home of director of Animalkind and her 35 mostly special needs cats and kittens was flooded due to Hurricane Irene.

Fortunately all felines were saved before the water had risen to five feet on the first floor. At 5 pm police evacuated the entire neighborhood.

The damage to the home and property are shocking. Everything on the first floor was damaged or gone, including appliances, furniture, the entire kitchen and office, living room and dining room.

On top that, the barn that sheltered the feral cats in the winter was totally move by the storm and crashed on the other side of the property.

In addition, our planned fashion show fundraiser was postponed because all the donated clothing was washed away as well.

We are working hard to rebuild the home for Animalkind's director and her rescued cats but we also noticed many felines roaming the neighborhood, left behind by people that relocated and did not come back for the pets.

We have already taken five kittens, one pregnant cat and we are feeding and have trapped at least 12 more cats, found on that road alone. The hurricane is over but the forgotten felines are still be left behind.

It is getting cold and we need to help those who have lost everything.

We also help those pet owners who stayed and lost everything with food, bedding and litter for their felines. People lost everything in this area and are struggling to put their lives together.

We still need YOUR help!

Please donate:

  • cat beds
  • cat shelters
  • canned cat food
  • litter
  • money!

Since the October fundraiser will not be happening, and we have more intake due to the hurricane, we need your financial support.

Project Catwalk 2012 - February 2012

For drop-off locations contact Animalkind, 721 Warren Street, Hudson, NY
or call (518) 822-8643.

Please donate!


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