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UCSPCA needs help with this horrible case.
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Woman neglected 40 dogs, Ulster SPCA says
Daily Freeman - Published: Saturday, July 31, 2010

The count is now up to 49. Yesterday the boyfriend to this lady dropped off a mom and nine puppies that they apparently had in another location. I have spoke with Brian Shapiro from the Ulster County SPCA and I asked what we could get for him as far as supplies. He said they were in need of cleaning supplies and blankets/linens. He also suggested that anyone interested in donating other items should take a look at the wish list on the Ulster County SPCA web site.

This case was one of the worst cases of abuse I've been involved in. The filth that these dogs were in was just unbelievable and beyond that I will not go into details.

Mama's Boy cafe in Phoenicia is looking to put together a fundraiser in honor of these dogs. The date and time will be announced at a later date.

On another note any donations made to the ASPCA do not go to our local SPCA. If you want to send a donation go to the UCSPCA web site at or to our local shelter which is S.A.V.E (Shandaken animal volunteer effort)

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