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Animalkind, Inc.
P. O. Box 902, Hudson, New York 12534


A Grant was received from the Fund for Columbia County of the Berkshire Taconic Community

Animalkind Inc., PO Box 902, Hudson, NY , an not for profit organization, dedicated to the non proliferation of unwanted animals has a received $1000.00 grant from the Fund of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. Announcement of the grant was made by Jennifer Dowley, president of Berkshire Taconic, whose Board of Directors approved the grant on December 18th 2002.

The grant was given to support the TNR ( trap/neuter/return) method Animalkind Inc. is utilizing for the last three years in and around Hudson, to help to decline the feral cat population and care for the existing managed colonies. Animalkind works for the protection and welfare of homeless and feral cats through TNR on a daily base. This reduces the overall population of unwanted cats, increases public awareness and promotes non lethal cat population control. Katrin Hecker, president of Animalkind Inc., said the grant would be used for spay/neuter program for feral cats and other general program support.² Be kind to animals and no more homeless pets² said Katrin Hecker.

Animalkind Inc. was established in 2002 by Katrin Hecker and Madeline Chapin to attend the overpopulation of unwanted cats in Hudson through a non lethal method. Today over 1700 cats have been altered, preventing the birth of over 380,000 kittens born into a world where nobody wants them, 860 have been adopted into loving homes and over 280 cats are taken care daily at 17 managed colonies. Animalkind Inc. expresses itıs deepest gratitude and thanks to the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation!

The Fund for Columbia County was established in 1998 by a group of Columbia County citizens to help nonprofit organizations in northwest, central and southern Columbia County, with capacity building projects that better enable them to carry out their mission. For more information, please contact Berkshire Taconic at 271 Main Street, Suite 3, Great Barrington, MA, 800-969-2823, info@berkshiretaconic.org  or visit www.berkshiretaconic.org .

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Animalkind Inc.is a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the  compassionate care and humane population control of abandoned, feral and stray cats in Hudson, New York (Columbia County) and the surrounding area.  We promote non-lethal  prevention of an unwanted litter or litters of kittens through trap, spay, neuter, release (return), (tnr, TNR).  An altered cat or kitten is released into a managed colony. Felines living in such colonies are assured kind daily care.  Adoption to  homes providing love and care for cats and kittens is encouraged.   We also provide low or no cost spaying and neutering assistance to low income pet owners and help increase public awareness and education through the media, special events, and publications to promote compassion, respect, and kindness towards all animals.  (d-11)

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