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Low Cost Spay / Neuter Options

Animalkind, Inc.
P. O. Box 902, Hudson, New York 12534

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Low Cost Spay / Neuter Options

Millions of healthy
loving animals are
killed annually
because there
are not enough
homes for them.
Lets stop the killing
of innocent animals
and work together
as a responsible
Spay and Neuter
is the ONLY answer!


Thank You!
Big Purrs from Animalkind

Animalkind thanks the following foundations for supporting our mission and helping to reduce the suffering and proliferation of unwanted felines:

The Heart Of Catskill Association

The Heart of Catskill Association awarded $ 2500 to Animalkind in honor of our work with the stray and feral felines in Catskill.

Many Thanks and Purrs to Linda Overbaugh and the Heart of Catskill Association!

Teens Paint Animalkind!

October 2009: Big Purrs for the kids from Massachusetts who came and spent their whole Saturday repainting our second floor quarantine area at Animalkind.

Great job, guys, and many thanks for your support!!!

Nine-Year old celebrates birthday with a gift to the kitties...

Her 9th birthday was a HAPPY day for the rescued kitties at Animalkind! Alexandra made a generous donation to Animalkind's kitties.

Alexandra has a heart of gold. Only 9 years old, she shows her compassion and love for the animals. Often she comes in to visit and play with the kitties at Animalkind's shelter at 721 Warren Street in Hudson. On her 9th birthday it was her wish to make a donation to Animalkind's felines!

Many Purrs and Thanks to Alexandra! Way to go, girl!!

Accomplishments: 2009

  • Spayed/Neutered: 1785 -preventing the birth of over 12,000 kittens
  • Low income pet owners cats: 535
  • Feral cats : 415
  • Intake: 825
  • Adoptions: 720
  • Medical/ saved lives: 25
  • dogs: 10
  • Grants Received: 2009

    • $ 3,000 The Marjorie G. & C. Alexander Hover Charitable Trust

    • $ 1,000 T. Backer Foundation

    • $ 1,500 Gregg Biffle Foundation

    • $ 15,000 C& M Schnurmacher Foundation

    • $ 15,000 Peegan Fitzgerald Foundation

    • $ 2,000 City of Hudson Spay/Neuter Fund

    • $ 2,500 Heart of Catskill Association

    • $ 10,500 Petsmart

    • $ 5,000 Carol Blackwood Foundation

    • $ 1,500 Built-A- Bear Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation

    • $ 1,000 US Humane Society

    • $ 1,000 Foreclosure Grant - Humane Society of the US 

    • $ 500 Bank of Green County

    • $ 1,200 Berkshire Taconic Foundation

    • $250 Columbia-Greene Federal Credit Union gives Animalkind Inc.

    • $ 500 Walmart

    • $ 2,000 Petco Foundation

    • $ 1,500 Ann M. Martin Foundation

    • $ 950 Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

    • $ 2,000 Built-A-Bear Foundation

    Accomplishments: 2008

  • Spayed/Neutered: 1675 -preventing the birth of over 10,000 kittens
  • Low income pet owners cats: 550
  • Feral cats : 425
  • Intake: 775
  • Adoptions: 669
  • Medical/ saved lives: 17
  • dogs: 4
  • Donations: 2008

    • $30,000 Green Foundation

    • $15,000 C & M Schnurmacher Foundation

    • $  3,000 Heart of Catskill Association

    • $  2,500 The Marjorie G. & C. Alexander Hover Charitable Trust

    • $  2,000 Chamber of Commerce, Hudson, NY

    • $  2,000 Bernice Barbour Foundation

    • $  2,000 City of Hudson-Spay/Neuter Fund

    • $  1,500 Bernice Barbour Foundation

    • $  1,000 Bank of Greene County

    • $     750 Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation

    • $     750 Dickler Foundation

    • $     500 Petco

    • $     500 Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation (For Administrative, Operational Costs)

    • $    400 Walmart in Hudson gives Animalkind Inc.

    Accomplishments: 2007

    • Intake of cats as of Dec 31st.: 660

    • Number adopted out: 583

    • Animals spay/neuter: spay/neuter: 1460

    • Feral cats spay/neuter: 350

    • Low income pet owners cats altered: 450

    Grants Received 2007

    • $30,000 Green Foundation
    • $12,500 C & M Schnurmacher Foundation
    • $2000 Bernice Barbour Foundation
    • $5000 Petsmart
    • $5000 Build-A-Bear-Workshop Bear Hugs Foundation
    • $2000 City of Hudson-Spay/Neuter Fund
    • $1500 Bernice Barbour Foundation
    • $1000 Bank of Greene County
    • $1000 Petco
    • $500 Hudson River Bank and Trust Foundation
      For Administrative, Operational Costs:
    • $1500 Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation
    • $6500 Dyson Foundation

    Accomplishments: 2006

    • Animals taken in in 2006 - sheltered and fostered : 406

    • Animals aided in another way i.e.. ferals, spay/neuter: ferals altered: 422

    • Low income pet owners cats altered: 416

    • Animals spay/neuter: spay/neuter (all): 1240

    • Birth of kittens prevented (Based on 2-3 litters annually 10-15 kittens per cat annually): 10,500.00

    • Number adopted out: 358

    Grants Received 2006

    • Green Foundation $ 25,000

    • C & M Schnurmacher Foundation $10,000

    • Bernice Barbour Foundation $2,000

    • Petco $1,000

    • Bank of Green County $ 1,000

    • Dickler Foundation $1,000

    • Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation $750

    • Tobacco Free Foundation $600

    • Hudson River Bank & Trust Foundation $500

    • Ann M. Martin Foundation $450

    Activities: 2005

    Grants Received from 2004 or Earlier


    We are A group of compassionate and caring people who help animals who are helpless, mainly stray & feral cats, but not exclusively.

    Spay - Neuter Programs:

    We got the city of Hudson to create a spay/neuter fund for the residence of Hudson, that means that everybody, living here can spay/neuter their pet for (cats & dogs) for only $10.00!!   We hope that will help to stop the birth of so many unwanted animals.

    Our Feral Cat Program: The TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) method is our effort to control the overwhelming problem of overpopulation of unwanted cats. Feral/Stray cats are humanely trapped, transported to a vet for spaying/neutering/inoculating and than, after their ear is notched for recognition, are returned to their managed colony, where they can live out their life. Our caretakers will feed the colonies (17 in Hudson and Columbia County, caring for 480 feral cats) every day and shelters are built against the elements. The cats are monitored on a daily base. Shelters are built for the winter to provide protection from the elements. Sick or injured cats are medically attended and either released after recovery or adopted out into loving homes.

    Our Adoption Program:
    If cats are found who are tame or kittens, they are tested for Fel.Leukaemia and FIV, they get spayed/neutered/vaccinated and are placed in foster homes until adoptive homes are found. We follow a thorough adoption process and guarantee to take the animal back if care is no longer granted.

    Our Rescue Program:
    We are receiving more and more calls for abused, neglected and injured animals. One of our volunteers will follow up on the complain and assist in the situation.
    Animalkind also provides assistance for low income pet owners and will give out bedding, dog/cat houses and food for the ones in need.

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    Contact us at:

    Animalkind Inc.is a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the  compassionate care and humane population control of abandoned, feral and stray cats in Hudson, New York (Columbia County) and the surrounding area.  We promote non-lethal  prevention of an unwanted litter or litters of kittens through trap, spay, neuter, release (return), (tnr, TNR).  An altered cat or kitten is released into a managed colony. Felines living in such colonies are assured kind daily care.  Adoption to  homes providing love and care for cats and kittens is encouraged.   We also provide low or no cost spaying and neutering assistance to low income pet owners and help increase public awareness and education through the media, special events, and publications to promote compassion, respect, and kindness towards all animals.  (d-26)

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    The Mary T. and Frank L. Hoffman Family Foundation
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