Thanks to the Community!
...after the May 2012 fire

Animalkind, Inc

From Katrin and all the Animalkind Volunteers...

Many many thanks to ALL of YOU who have donated, called us, helped us and support us through these difficult days. We are forever grateful to ALL of YOU!

We have so many people who came in, donating blankets, food, money and supplies, pet the kitties, gave us hugs!

We are deeply touched by YOUR support. We cannot name all of you who are getting us through these times ( soo many!!) , but we want you to know: YOU ARE DOING IT!

You lift our spirits, give our felines a loving home and help us rebuild our facility!

Lots of PURRRRRRRRSSS to ALL of YOU who are here for us!

Thank You!!

We will see you all at our GRAND OPENING and will keep you posted! 

Animalkind fire thanks Petsmart
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Our local PetSmart, at 450 Fairview Avenue in Hudson, allows Animalkind to bring in cats to be seen by potential adopters.  We have volunteers there Friday through Sunday, 11 AM to 3 PM, with specially-selected adoptable cats and kittens from Animalkind.

During the past Christmas holidays, PetSmart customers generously donated pet toys to Animalkind.  Animalkind will give the toys to children visiting our Adoption Center on Warren Street in Hudson and to children attending our occasional "adopt-a-thons" held at local fairs and other events. 

Animalkind donation Dillan

Way to go super boy!!!

Many purrs from all of us.

Tony Savoca, Doug Moskowitz, Karen Aluise, John Jurcik.
THANK YOU for helping us paint our facility - YOU ROCK!!!!!!

Animalkind fire damage painting

THANK YOU Danielle !

Animalkind fire paint Danielle

Thanks to The Vertical Cat and Modern Cat Furniture and especially  Kathy for raising over $6,000 for Animalkind's rebuild!!!!!! You are the best!!! 

Animalkind vertical cat

Animalkind Awarded Three Major Grants by the ASPCA
January 2013

HUDSON, N.Y. – Animalkind, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and non-proliferation of unwanted felines, is thrilled and honoured to announce that they were recently awarded three significant grants from the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®). The grants were generously provided to support Animalkind’s spay/neuter efforts, which are so critical to reduce the suffering of cats and kittens in our area and beyond.

Read the PDF for more!

Animalkind Receives $4,000 Grant from The Dominion Foundation for
Warren St. Shelter Rehabilitation

Oct. 11, 2012, Hudson, NY – Animalkind, the non-profit cat rescue and adoption center based in Hudson, NY, has received a $4,000 grant from the Dominion Foundation towards the rehabilitation of its Warren St. facility, which was destroyed by water damage when a fire on its top floor set off the building’s sprinkler system in May.

Katrin Hecker, Animalkind’s Executive Director, said the grant would be used specifically to restore the shelter’s surgical suite.  Animalkind operates a subsidized spay/neuter program for low-income pet owners, and is currently the largest provider of such services in Columbia and Greene Counties.

“We are very grateful for Dominion’s generosity, which comes at a critical time for us,” said Hecker.  “The building renovation is underway and the grant will allow us to quickly equip a new surgical suite for spay/neuter, which is essential to controlling the proliferation of unwanted felines in this area.”  A single pair of breeding cats can produce, over 5 years, as many as 65,000 kittens.

“Charitable giving is an integral part of Dominion’s commitment to the communities we serve,” said James Mesloh, executive director of the Dominion Foundation.  “Organizations like Animalkind, where dedicated staff and volunteers have continued to perform a vital community service despite the catastrophic loss of their building, in particular deserve our support.”

Dominion contributes more than $20 million annually to non-profit organizations and schools in the states and locations where it operates or has facilities or business interests. Dominion Transmission operates major natural gas pipelines in the region.  

Big purr and Many Thanks to Alana and The "RED DOT" in Hudson for holding our "ART for ANIMALKIND" fundraiser, October 2012
Many many purrs to PARK PLACE and Brian Herman for donating the delicuous falaffel to our event!!

Thanks to The Vertical Cat and Modern Cat Furniture and especially  Kathy for raising over $6,000 for Animalkind's rebuild!!!!!! You are the best!!!

Anmalkind vertical cat

Thanks to Robin and Free Kibble, Halo, Worlds Best kitty Litter and Scratch and Stretch!!!!!!! Robin worked hard to get us these donations! Kudos to all of you!

Animalkind fire donations  Animalkind fire donations

Animalkind fire donations

Animalkind fire donations

I got to work. Within a few days and after many phone calls I got the logistics worked out. Right away, Kelly Ausland of and said he would be delighted to help with a donation of 350 bags of kibble from Halo. He wasn't doing this for a write-up on my blog or a pat on the back. He sincerely was concerned and wanted to help.

Next up were my associates at World's Best Cat Litter, who also did not hesitate to help once I alerted them to the problem. I was very impressed by how quickly they jumped into action! Now the cats had a supply of food and litter coming in the door. I reached out to a few other companies, but sadly they were not able to offer any assistance.

If you'd like to help put a smile on the faces of shelter cats in your town, you can get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 10% off on any size case of Stretch and Scratch scratchers, plus you get reduced shipping. Use CODE: CATS to get the discount! If you'd like to gift AnimalKind more scratchers (they LOVE THEM), please go HERE to get their shipping information:

I also reached into my own fairly empty pockets and ordered two cases of Stretch and Scratch cat scratchers. I knew that the cats would be stressed out in cages and having something to scratch could make a world of difference to their well being.

A big thank you to the wonderful people who helped Animalkind dig out from the mess on three floors of Animalkind's building after major water damage caused by the sprinkler system when it sensed a fire on the fourth floor on May 1st.

Animalkind fire shelter

front row left to right - Melissa Erwin, Flavia Marietto, Rachelle Joachim
back row left to right - Karen Aluise, Jonathan Biegler, Sam Fleischman, Doug Moskowitz, Cindy Moskowitz

THANKS and PURRS to...
 Black Creek Mercantile & Trading Company

Animalkind cat adopt

Dylan Marino (left) and his family and friends did an incredible event for Animalkind at a popular Street Festival in the Hudson River Village of Athens, NY, on the weekend of July 14, 2012.
See more pictures here!

Animalkind fire cat adopt
A big THANK YOU to the Kinderhook Bank of Kinderhook, NY, who donated a BIG CHECK for $ 390 to Animalkind!

Purrs to Aryah and Emma from Freehold for collecting over $ 20.00 for Animalkind's kitties at a yard sale!
Animalkind fire cat adopt

** Thank you "Orange Street Cats" and Bensons pet store in Albany for bringing supplies and helping out!

Animalkind fire Bensons

** 4 H Club girls held a fundraiser, made up signs and made a donation to Animalkind! Thanks girls! You are awesome!


Dear Katrina:
We hope all is well and the recovery is moving along for you.  Attached is the photo taken Saturday when we met. 
The work you and your staff do is just wonderful and a great example for all.
We hope our fundraiser helped during your emergency and we wish you the best of luck. We will be in touch with you and be glad to help in any way.
MaryAnn Dufficy, Volunteer

Animalkind cat adoption 4H

** Thanks to the girls that rallied a donation drive for Animalkind's kitties!

Animalkind fire damage

** PetSmart Managers along with Animalkind volunteers help load a pallet of items donated by Petsmart Charities. This is in addition to the donations made by our local Petsmart store in Hudson. Many Purrs to Petsmart! Brian donated his time and car to transport the donated items! Cudos to you Brian.

  Animalkind fire damage petsmart

** This little girl made a pillow for our kitties!

Animalkind fire damage pillow

** EXTRA SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Animalkind in Hudson, NY to Receive $1,000 Catification Shelter Makeover - Thanks and purrs to Jackson Galaxy, Moderncat and Vertical cat for announcing HELP for ANIMALKIND!

Out of the almost 800 nominations received, over 350 of them were for Animalkind in Hudson, NY. On May 1, there was a massive fire at the AnimalKind shelter. Luckily, no lives were lost, but the 120 cats in their care had to be evacuated and the shelter is devastated. Clearly, Animalkind is desperately in need of the Catification Makeover, but we have decided not to include them in the top 10 finalists for this contest. Instead, Moderncat, Jackson Galaxy, and The Vertical Cat are going to organize a special fundraiser just for Animalkind in the coming weeks. They need some extra help in these difficult times and we are going to give it to them! Stay tuned for more details.

** PURRS to:

  • Petsmart-Hudson NY

  • Petsmart Charities

  • Sidewalk Angels

  • Ryan Newman Foundation

  • Halo Food Company

  • Carolyn Marks Blackwood Foundation

  • World's Best Kitty Litter

** Thanks to the Girls Scouts of Hudson! They collected and donated cat beds, litter, food and toys to the kitties! Great job girls!!

Animalkind girl scouts cat donation

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