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Urgent request for assistance in rescuing about 100 plus cats and kittens

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Please forward and cross post to others who care about animals. Thank you very much!

Urgent request for assistance in rescuing about 100 plus cats and kittens from Mohawk River Estates Trailer Park 1360 Loudon Rd. Colonie NY off Exit 8 of the Northway.

The trailer park’s owner Pat Cavanaugh will be bringing in demolition crews in order to build a “high end” condo and retail complex (Mohawk Riverfront Estates)

While this project may appear to be economically appealing to some parties, the impact on these cats will be devastating.

When the heavy equipment arrives, these cats and the river-based wildlife will be forced to flee the park.

Most likely, they will end up on Rt. 9 or in the yards of local home owners as they search for food and struggle to survive.

While there are some feral cats, many of these cats are friendly, adoptable, beautiful animals who have been either abandoned by the park’s tenants or have been dropped off by irresponsible and uncaring “owners” who saw the park as a way to avoid paying a surrender fee to their local animal shelter.

Here is what is needed and how you can help.

1) Media coverage to spread the word regarding the need for a massive effort to address this situation in a humane and responsible manner.

2) Caring, responsible, individuals and or rescue groups who have “hands on” experience in rescuing cats. Please note that currently, there are two local rescuers and (one park tenant who is moving on Tuesday June 1,) working to rescue some of these cats.

3) Carriers, crates, “Have A Heart Traps” and gloves for safe handling of frightened cats.

4) Foster homes, or safe, caring temporary shelter (boarding or veterinary kennels etc.) where these cats can be evaluated and screened for potential adoption.

5) Monetary donations for supplies to be used towards the cost involved in rescuing, feeding, boarding and providing basic veterinary related pre-adopting services.

6) Transportation related assistance to transport these cats from the trailer park to foster homes or other responsible, caring, safe environments.

For more information, please contact Sce (Shay) (518) 373-8164 Before 12 P.M or leave message from 12 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. (518) 334-6415 or call (518) 458-1326 after 6:30 P.M. or email  or call Debra at (518) 861-8184 or (518) 698-9950 or email  or call Linda (518) 869-7691, or (518) 445-5902 or email .

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