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Please forward and cross post to others who care about animals.
Thank you very much!

SaveKitty Foundation still needs your help to put pressure on NYCHA to accept SaveKitty's proposal to do TNR at Ravenswood. NYCHA Chairman Rhea has washed his hands of the matter and put it in the hands of Commissioner Margarita Lopez.

Please contact her to plead the case for TNR. Contact NYCHA Commissioner Margarita Lopez

Phone: (very effective) (212) 306-3421 If you don't get through, please keep trying! If it's busy, that means we're tying up the phones. That's very effective!

Snail Mail: (very effective) Commissioner Margarita Lopez. NYCHA. 250 Broadway New York, NY 10007

Email: (not terribly effective) 

Talking Points: * TNR is the only effective solution to the 600 homeless cat problem at Ravenswood. * Trap and eradicate is not only inhumane; it's ineffective and expensive -- especially at a time when the city is laying off thousands of workers. * If TNR is not done at Ravenswood, by the end of kitten season this fall they'll have hundreds more cats to deal with. * Currently, Ravenswood does not have a rodent problem; if the cats are removed the rodents will move in. And, please, as much as this is an emotional issue for us cat lovers, we must be polite and courteous with our calls and letters. Anything else can only hurt the cats.

How To Stay Updated

SaveKitty now has a special Ravenswood page on their website <> so that you can stay better informed: Please check there for the most current information.

P.S. Please forward this email to everyone to whom you have forwarded previous Ravenswood emails, so that they may stay informed.

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Update: Ravenswood - Meeting Scheduled June 8th, 2010

Thank you for all the calls, letters, emails, faxes! You made the difference!

Savekitty has a meeting with Commissioner Lopez. So for now, you can stop calling.

The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 16.

It isn't in the format they wanted (a private meeting), but at least it's a meeting!

Please do continue to send snail mail letters:

Commissioner Margarita Lopez
250 Broadway New York, NY 10007

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