Urgent: Tell Pres. Obama to sign bill banning animal "crush" videos
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Animalkind, Inc

Dear Friend,

You've heard from us about important legislation to crack down on traffickers of cruel animal "crush" videos. Thanks to the actions of advocates like you, I'm happy to report that this bill has just won final congressional approval minutes ago!

H.R. 5566 will ban the creation and distribution in interstate and foreign commerce of obscene videos showing animals being impaled, crushed, drowned, burned, or suffocated -- often by women in stiletto heels -- for the sexual titillation of viewers.

There is perhaps no type of animal abuse so evident, indefensible and uniformly condemned as high-heeled women crushing kittens to death or lighting rabbits on fire for sick entertainment and profit, and it cries out for reform. Now that this bill has passed both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate, the next step is to urge President Obama to sign this bill into law.

Please make a brief, polite phone call to the White House at (202) 456-1414 and urge President Obama to sign H.R. 5566 into law.

You can say:

"Hello, my name is [your name] and I'm calling from [your town]. I'm calling to urge President Obama to sign H.R. 5566 into law as soon as possible to crack down on animal crush videos. Thank you."

After making your call, please also send a follow-up message to President Obama urging him to immediately sign this bill into law.

Thank you for all you do for animals!

Mike Markarian
President Humane Society Legislative Fund .

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