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From Alley Cat Allies, April 9, 2012

The Loews Royal Pacific, Loews Portofino, and Hard Rock Hotels at Universal Orlando Resorts in Orlando, Florida made the cruel decision to start  trapping and removing the cats who’ve called their property home for years.
It gets even worse. Some of these cats are being left unattended inside their traps—for hours—in the 89-degree heat. The cats are hungry, and have not been fed for over a week. Loews has forbidden anyone from feeding them. Employees have even been threatened with losing their jobs if  they don’t comply.
These cats’ lives are in danger, and it’s completely preventable. All Loews must do is stop the trapping. So far, they have ignored us. Only a massive public outcry can stop them before more cats are harmed. I need you to stand with Alley Cat Allies right away and demand that Loews stop this inhumane treatment now.

We’ve already seen at least two cats with bloodied noses because they were frantic to get out of their traps. And just last night, we saw a picture of  Shadow, a beautiful gray tabby, with a visible gash in her forehead from being left in a trap unattended.

Hotel guests have witnessed this cruelty and complained to staff about the cats’ treatment. Still, Loews continues trapping.

Alley Cat Allies, along with others, has reached out time and time again, offering guidance and assistance in the hopes that Loews would do the right thing. Still, Loews refuses to listen.

We’re doing everything in our power to help these cats—but we need as many people as possible to stand with us right away to stop the cruelty. We need you.  

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