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All profits of the eccentric and tasteful pet items will benefit the homeless animals.

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Susan Saladino

Custom Portraits Painted from Your Photos

Aura Photo

Aura Portrait (Oil on Canvas)

Whiskers Portrait (Oil on Canvas)

Gemma Photo

Gemma Portrait (Oil on Canvas Paper)

Sam Portrait (Oil on Canvas)

To order any of the ARTWORK
Call Susan Saladino: 561-642-4619

The 8.5 X 11 portraits are painted from your photograph on canvas paper in oils. These smaller portraits are an excellent choice for pet lovers with a limited budget, and make a wonderful gift idea as well as a fitting memorial tribute to your cherished pet.

All portraits are painted from your photographs and rendered in oil on stretched canvas. Prices are for single figures with muted backgrounds and will vary depending on background details or multiple figures.

If you already have one or more photographs of your beloved animal companion that you would like to use for the painted portrait, by all means send them. If you first have to do a "photo shoot," good luck! It can sometimes be difficult to photograph a moving target.

Try to capture the essence of both the animal and how you feel about them, how they will best be remembered. I share my home with four dogs, each with their individual personalities; and would choose to capture a pose or an action for a portrait that would reflect that special persona, and my love for them. Your pet may have a toy that is very special, a favorite place to lounge, or even a frequent quirky or naughty behavior that is so special and individual. On my brochure is Tiger, one of my boys. He is handsome, strong, and has always been a little reticent, yet very loving. I chose to use a simple upper body pose that I feel best reflects his image. If all else fails, just relax, enjoy your pet, and keep a camera loaded and handy at all times. It will happen. If you take a wonderful shot, but the background is your vacuum cleaner, donıt worry, most of the time unless important to the image, portrait backgrounds are muted out.

Technically if a photo is too dark, it will be difficult for me to copy details that may be important. Out door shots are usually the best lighting situations. If you must use a flash remember about the problem of "red eye". Shots taken from above the subject may distort the proportion of their head, so itıs time to "get down" with your little sweetheart, or instead of chasing them off the furniture, grab your camera!

In my travels I have had contact with many different species of animals, and would love to paint them all. So, if your best friend is a Pot Bellied Pig, or a Rooster named Fred, if they have captured a place in your heart, a portrait of them would be a wonderful expression.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

To order any of the ARTWORK
Call Susan Saladino: 561-642-4619

10% of all sales go to Animalkind Inc.

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