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Animalkind, Inc.
P. O. Box 902, Hudson, New York 12534
Open Thursdays-Mondays 12-4 PM, 518-822-8643

Feral Cat Relocations Needed

We trap/ alter and vaccinate all feral cats. Their ears are notched for identification, mostly the feral cats are returned to their original managed colony, as long as care and food and shelter is assured. BUT Animalkind often gets called to situations where someone fed feral cats and passed away or feral kitties have nobody to care for them.

For those it is especially hard to find a new place to live. Those kitties need responsible barn/farm situations where shelter and daily food/water and care is given. They are rodent specialists and are happy in an outdoor place since that is all they know. We help with set up, confining (they need to settle in) and any help that is needed.

PLEASE take some of our feral cats in need of placement. All are altered and healthy and keep your barn/farm rodent free! CALL 518-822-8643 to help

Isis has the most beautiful and interesting appearance, emerald green eyes and a stunning long haired coat-she lived her short life in a garage with 65 other kitties. Animalkind is attending the situation and hopes that Isis will find a loving home.

Paul and Hannah:
a bit on the shy side -since trapped at a feral cat colony-but soo cute and definitely getting into the loving touch!

Frenzy: this shy boy was rescued from death row at a kill shelter, he loves to be petted and loves other cats!!

Jana: A bit on the shy side, Jana would love to have her own home. She came around big time.

Missy: A bit on the shy side-Missy loves other cats!!!

Calico kittens: 2 girls, a bit shy, beautiful, hoping for their forever homes!

This little girl is a bit frightened and alone in her new surroundings awaiting adoption. She will warm quickly to her new "rescuer" and be a most grateful and loving companion when she is taken to her permanent home.

This lovely tortoiseshell longhair female will warm your lap when the weather cools. She is very loving and cuddly, and longs for her forever home.

Little spotty boy was trapped at a site where elderly people can not care for the outdoor colony anymore. He is shy but gentle and we hope someone will give this soul a second chance.

I am one of 10 cats that lived in the barn of an elderly couple. Both passed away and the family wanted to euthanize us. We are not pets, but keep your yard/ property mouse free.
GOOD NEWS ... 2 of these kitties (Ronni & Stanley) have found a farm to live on.

Feral Cat relocation: Snuggles:...well..I am not really living up to my name. I am atru feral kitty and have to be relocated because my former guardian, an elderly compassionate couple, passed away. Nobody wanted us ( we are 18 kitties in need of farm/barn relocation) I am a rodent specialist and would love to have for my free spirit live out my life in freedom.

: Feral kitty who needs a farm/barn situation-she is really depressed here in a cage-PLEASE -we need a outdoor situation for her.


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Animalkind Inc.is a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the  compassionate care and humane population control of abandoned, feral and stray cats in Hudson, New York (Columbia County) and the surrounding area.  We promote non-lethal  prevention of an unwanted litter or litters of kittens through trap, spay, neuter, release (return), (tnr, TNR).  An altered cat or kitten is released into a managed colony. Felines living in such colonies are assured kind daily care.  Adoption to  homes providing love and care for cats and kittens is encouraged.   We also provide low or no cost spaying and neutering assistance to low income pet owners and help increase public awareness and education through the media, special events, and publications to promote compassion, respect, and kindness towards all animals.  (d-26)

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