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From Ellen Falls - 28 Sep 2006

Hi, Katrin!

You are so busy! I am always amazed by all that you do or the innocent creatures amongst us. After such a long time (February, 2005), I wanted to send you another update on my two little bugs. Sorry that I don't have any pictures; maybe some day I'll get with it in that regard.

Birdy (left) and Sweet Pie (below) just came home from their booster shots this month. Birdy at 5 lbs. was an excellent patient and I think the vet fell in love, but would not admit it. Sweet Pie was less cantankerous than last year, when she urinated on the vet's assistant! This year she just a hissed and tried to intimidate her. Weighing in at 6.7 lbs., she is doing fine except for a chronic Bartonella infection. We treated it with Zithromax last year, which helped calm her inflamed mouth. It appears thought that she will have this chronically; she perhaps had it when I brought her home.

After a year of patience, Sweet Pie is finally willing to climb into my lap and cuddle and purr. She is very insistent on doing things in her own good time and her own way. Luckily, she found the perfect companion human, who understands exactly how she feels! Birdy is always amazing. She has the personality and playfulness of a kitten, catches mice regularly, and has decided she is definitely THE boss. Sweet Pie has generously consented to become the beta cat to her alpha. I think she's secretly plotting to turn things around some day though.

They both have responded well the the Indoor Cat Science Diet food. Only Sweet Pie's dry skin seems to be refractory. Birdy's gingivitis is responding well to the AquaDent that Dr. Walsh recommended. I'm glad because her breath smelled pretty gruesome! Thanks to you, they both also are covered by Indoor Cat insurance through the program you recommended. They really like that. :0)

Birdy loves to sneak out the door when I get home and explores the yard for a few minutes on supervised visits. She has discovered that she can climb trees quite well, and can even get down when I coax her. I'm sure not climbing up there! I've learned to intercept her before she gets up there.

Some friends asked about where I got them, and I am referring them to your web site. I always mention you whenever I can. You are wonderful!

Best regards,

Ellen Falls

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