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Lorraine Sue Blank - 7 Nov 2006

Dear Katrin,

Thank you for calling me back about "Pansy" - i.e. "Daisy" - i.e. "Iris" now "Iris Maeve the Brave" or "Maevis" for short. She is doing fine - growing everyday with Stop and Shop Nature's Promise organic chicken, turkey and ham and different kinds of wet and dry kitty food.

Her and Buddhini are still getting used to each other. They like eating together the best. They watch each other play with me and Bob. Her favorite toy is a shoe lace. She stays very focused on one thing at a time. She loves this little fuzzy mouse toy which she fetches and retrieves. Her favorite place to sleep is a soft quilted leopard cloth cubicle.

Her and Buddhini fell asleep together last night while I was giving her a Reiki treatment with my left hand, and Buddhini a Reiki treatment with my right hand - that was on my Lazyboy lean back love seat!!!

She has already learned how to go outside with her cat halter on and leash. She likes staying under the bushes best as she feels safer concealed - but she has been coming out of the bushes, too and walking around the perimeter of the yard and on the deck. Bob loves her very much already and says he sees why I picked her out to bring home. She reminds him of our other cat, Catty. She even stands up on her hind legs and plays with this grey swinging mouse like Catty used to. Bob is glad to have a female cat again. Now we have the best of both worlds - a male and a female.

How are Iris's brothers - have they been adopted? Did the lady from Sonsini Animal Shelter ever adopt that little Siamese? Thank you for caring for so many animals.

Last night we saw a program on PBS* about all these chimpanzees which had been used in experiments by the government, many of them biopsies many times, and afterwards they were left to live out the rest of their shortened lives in these horrible 5 by 5 foot cells. There were some animal activists who found out about them and took them in and had to overcome community bias towards the animals as some of the animals had been deliberately infected with HIV and the community was afraid the disease would spread through the chimps. There is a place in Florida where eventually they want to release 250 of the chimps into an open land area where they can roam free.

They showed these two chimps who had been enclosed in concrete and wire their entire lives climb out of their cages into the open - one went out for a few minutes, then went right back into his cage. The other one went right out and raced right for a big old birch tree and climbed sky high. It made me cry. A lot of the caring for these animals has been funded by private donations - not by government/military agencies (they were the ones who mistreated these poor animals to begin with). So there are lots of people out there who continue to care for different groups of animals. It felt doubly important as I sat and petted my two kitties who were adopted by caring animal rescue organizations, and then by me and Bob.

Thank you for continuing to care for all these animals who would otherwise be suffering from human neglect.


Lorraine Sue Blank

[*Editor's note:  for more information about the PBS program, visit:

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