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From Joanne Bennett - 9 May 2007

Thought I'd check in and let you know that Smokey is headed to the local vet Thursday to get her second distemper shot. I'm taking Misty, too, because she's been having a loose stool the last couple of days. She eats like she's starved and afraid somebody is going to steal her food. I know that's from her being a stray cat for a while and doing what she could to stay alive. I've seen this kind of action in cats before , and I know it'll take a while to work this out for her. Otherwise, she's a real sweetie. She's playing with Smokey now like she's a kitten, too. They wrestle around off and on all day. At night both of them crawl up in my lap and go to sleep. We also had our first nail trimming. Misty took it like a champ. It didn't scare her at all. Smokey didn't do too bad for a kitten either. We got them 5 scratching boxes that lay on the floor. Misty uses just them so that's great. Smokey does a little, but she's still working on the rugs, too. I think she'll get better with the scratching as we go along. My de-clawed cats like the boxes, too, and are using them like they had claws. I'll bet it feels good to them.

I know I'm going to be partial, but Smokey is the coolest kitten ever. She's everywhere and into everything. She helps me clean out the litter boxes by tackling my scoop and trying to re-bury stuff I'm digging out. Every chair in the house is "her chair"; we now sit in whatever is left available. She likes TV and the computer. It's hard for me to put in words what a "wild and crazy kind of girl" she is, but we're having great fun with her.

Hope all is going well with you guys and that lots of cats are getting a new home.

Joanne Bennett

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Animalkind Inc.is a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the  compassionate care and humane population control of abandoned, feral and stray cats in Hudson, New York (Columbia County) and the surrounding area.  We promote non-lethal  prevention of an unwanted litter or litters of kittens through trap, spay, neuter, release (return), (tnr, TNR).  An altered cat or kitten is released into a managed colony. Felines living in such colonies are assured kind daily care.  Adoption to  homes providing love and care for cats and kittens is encouraged.   We also provide low or no cost spaying and neutering assistance to low income pet owners and help increase public awareness and education through the media, special events, and publications to promote compassion, respect, and kindness towards all animals.

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