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Letter From Liz Gore - 20 Apr 2009

Hi Katrin,

Yesterday someone from Animal Kind called and was checking in on Mindy (we adopted her on February 7th). Mindy is doing quite well and is adjusting to life in the country. We actually renamed her "Brooklyn" because if you recall, she was found in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. We had her spayed last Tuesday and she is recovering quite well from the procedure.

Brooklyn gets along very well with Maggie and Hobbes (our two other adoptees from Animal Kind). Here is a photo of Brooklyn sleeping in the rocking chair with Hobbes. (Hobbes used to be named Lion King. We adopted him from Animal Kind a year and a half ago). Hobbes is so sweet, kind and gentle. He is just a big fluffy ball of fur who loves nothing more than to be held or sleeping on your lap.

The cats love this time of year. We open up the windows to let the fresh air in and they often can be found laying on the window sills with their faces pushed up against the screens listening to the birds outside. We also have a very large screened in porch in which my husband has made a "cat walk" around the top of it. They climb up the wooden ramp and wander around boards of the cat walk high above our heads. They love the cat walk.

Please say hi to the staff and let them know how much we appreciate their volunteer work. We have three very happy, well adjusted cats from Animal Kind thanks to you and your volunteers.


Liz Gore.

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Animalkind Inc.is a not-for-profit welfare, protection, rescue, rights organization dedicated to the  compassionate care and humane population control of abandoned, feral and stray cats in Hudson, New York (Columbia County) and the surrounding area.  We promote non-lethal  prevention of an unwanted litter or litters of kittens through trap, spay, neuter, release (return), (tnr, TNR).  An altered cat or kitten is released into a managed colony. Felines living in such colonies are assured kind daily care.  Adoption to  homes providing love and care for cats and kittens is encouraged.   We also provide low or no cost spaying and neutering assistance to low income pet owners and help increase public awareness and education through the media, special events, and publications to promote compassion, respect, and kindness towards all animals.

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