Fan Mail Letters
From Oreo - 4 May 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Hi Everyone !

I just wanted to drop you a line to "Thank You" for letting Donna and Marie adopt me. I love them as much as they love me and that is a whole bunch. I have a big sister named "snickers" , we play all day. I enjoy making my rounds at night taking turns sleeping in each bedroom. I have sooooooooo many toys to play with and I have the run of the house.

Oh, I almost forgot , I have a new name , which by the way is "Oreo" , I like this name better than "Jill" . Once again I want to say "thank you" for letting me go home with Donna and Marie. Marie has taken pictures of me and will attaching one to this e-mail. She will also keep you updated on my growth and happiness.

So until next time.....................meow ........ Meow !!!!!!!!

Love and kisses to all,

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