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About Tiny (aka Picasso) - 8 Sep 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Subject: Update On Tiny Aka Picasso

Hi everyone!

I was adopted in January of this year and my step sister has passed on. I am queen of the castle now. I love Diane (my mommy), she takes me out for walks , she also made me a pen so I can be outside with her with out her having to worry about me. She brushes me 3 times a day. My favorite thing to do is to play with the feather on the stick with mommy. I also love to sleep with mom. I just asked my Aunt Marie and Aunt Donna to e-mail this to you and they are going to attach a picture of me with my mommy. I am still getting to know Aunt Marie and Aunt Donna. I guess that is all for now .........just wanted to let you know how happy I am to be living with my new mom (Diane). She loves me so much!!! Oh, by the way mommy wanted me to tell you thank you for letting her adopt me!

Love to all!!
Tiny aka Picasso

Tiny and Diane

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