Fan Mail Letters
From Kerry Demunn - 24 Sep 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Dear Katrin,

Thank you so much for your lovely message. It was nice to hear you... purr.

I've been meaning to send you some photos of your Wednesday, and to tell you how well he is doing. He's such a little character - he follows me everywhere and has made great friends with boo, my little black and white. He loves to take a bath! that must be from you guys cleaning him all the time. Also, he loves to be picked up and is a complete mush - he goes all limp and just looks into your eyes when you hold him. He has a little leash and I take him for a walk in the mornings, though he likes me to follow him rather than to follow me.

So, all this is to say thank you for the work you do and this wonderful little soul you saved. He is a true joy, and he is one of so many you have helped. Be well, and I hope to see you soon.

Kerry Demunn. 

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