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About Tiger (now Smokey) - 14 Oct 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Hi Everyone!

I want you to know Tiger is settling in. I was walking to my car right after I picked him up & realized his name was “Smokey.” He’s settling in very well. The other cats are still in the “who is this?” phase, but no fights or anything because Smokey is so sweet and calm.

When I got a good look at Smokey, I realized he was more than 6 years old. My vet says he’s more likely 10-12 years old, which is perfect, because I wanted an older cat to care for. So even though Smokey is older than we thought, Siamese live longer than domestic cats (I knew one that lived to 22!) so I will have many years to enjoy his company.

He’s the only cat I know that purrs when he eats!!! He’s got a good, healthy appetite!

Here’s a picture of this charming gentleman!!!!

He’s learned to be comfortable and sleeps by the fireplace.

Thanks again for introducing Smokey to me. We’re going to have a nice, happy relationship together.

Anne E. Reuter. 

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