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Update on Juliet - 12 Nov 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Update on "Juliet" 12 Nov 2010

Hi Katrin (and everyone at Animalkind) –

Just a quick note to let you know that the calico cat “Juliet” (adopted 10/28/10) is doing very well – we’ve renamed her Tikka (because calico is originally from India and we love Tikka Masala at the Indian restaurant). She is already putting on weight, enjoys getting brushed every morning, and is happily finding her way in and out of the chicken shed where she lives with Iggy (a Himalayan kitty) and 10 hens. She is very curious about the hens (they are penned in; the kitties are loose) and is getting along ok with Iggy. She loves to sleep on a quilt in the big window, where she can see everyone that goes by. She’s very friendly and likes living in this multigenerational household where there’s always folks around.

We’ll send photos soon –

Thanks again,
Beth & Ben

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