Fan Mail Letters
Kelly (aka Peakoe) - 16 Nov 2010

Animalkind, Inc

Kelly, who is now Peakoe, is doing fine. His sniffles are almost gone. He is so cute.

He is trying desperately to make friends with our old cat Peemers but I don't think Peemers knows what to do about it. Our big female is afraid of him which I think is a riot because she makes two of Peakoe. Joy just hisses , I think it's just going to take a little time. No attack cats on the premises, so that is good. I will send some pictures as soon as I take some.

Peakoe loves catnip. I have this little map I made that's about 18 inches by 18 inches that is sprinkled with catnip on the inside. The other cats never made much of it but Peakoe love it.

I take Peakoe to bed with me at night but sometime during the night he leaves and goes into the living room and sleeps on the mat all bunched up. I thing I'll buy some stuffing and make him a bed. I better make more than one bed, don't want the other kitties to be jealous.

I'll talk again soon!

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