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About Nimr (aka Tango) - 5 Dec 2010

Animalkind, Inc

To Katrin and all the caring hearts at Animalkind,

I came from the Springfield area and adopted an orange male tiger kitten (Tango) from your establishment almost 2 weeks ago now.

His curiosity of people and the other cats on the first floor intrigued me, he was interested and watched everything I was doing but from a distance. At the shelter he was quite skittish and a challenge to catch, crazy as it sounds, that is the reason I chose him.

I know it can be difficult to adopt a cat that runs away from people when they're approached but from my experience once the trust in their owner has been earned, a beautiful bond forms. So after raising a completely feral kitten and watching him blossom into a loving member of our family, I was eager to welcome Tango into our home and commit the time and patience needed to nurture him as we did our other cat.

But to my complete surprise....after a smooth ride home, he popped right out of the carrier, inspected his new bedroom, tried out a few of his new toys and faux fur lined bed, and then proceeded to smother me with love and kisses! Tango has shown to be anything but afraid of his new surroundings! He seemed to have skipped the traditional "adjustment period" and made our home his instantly!

We did decide to rename him "Nimr", which is lebanese for Tiger, chosen both for his appearance as well as his boldness and confidence.

He adores our other cat, they share everything politely and have really developed a unique friendship. They snuggle each other in front of the fire and with us on the couch every night. They certainly make sure my husband and I get enough attention and cuddles too! Especially in our King-sized bed, now made for 4. ;-)

We could not be more happy with our new baby, he is a blessing to our family and such a joy to have. My husband, myself, and Biseh (our other kitty) all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enriching our lives with such a wonderful new member to our little family.

I have attached a couple pictures, the one of Tango (Nimr) in front of the fire was actually taken the first night he came home!

Thank You again for everything!
Dani, Lara, Biseh, and Nimr.

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