From David & Phyllis LeBeau - 12 Dec 2010
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Update on George


George is doing very well. He now explores the entire house, as long as he can get to his upstairs or downstairs "safe room". We have installed a child's safety gate in the doorway on each floor. His "home room" is downstairs. Doodle can visit but not enter. George still needs to get used to Doodle's exuberance .... she wants to play and gives a play bow and when George does not respond, she barks and George runs to his safe room.

While on Phyllis' lap, George will now allow Doodles to stick her face close, but touching is still not allowed. When Doodles is in our closed bedroom, she sleeps at the foot of our bed, George will join Phyllis in her dressing room or me in my bathroom. He loves to sit on our laps and get his back scratched or his jaw rubbed.

George has become quite vocal and we love the "words" and funny little sounds he makes; his purring will put you to sleep. The only downside is that George seems to have a cold. We have consulted with a doctor and she said that there is nothing to do about it as it is. Should he develop a discharge, he will need treatment.

All the best of the season to all!

David & Phyllis LeBeau.

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