Fan Mail Letters
From Anne - 8 Feb 2011

Animalkind, Inc

Hello -

I wanted to let you know Smokey is very happy in his new home and is completely settled in.

He gets along with my other cats, and loves to sleep curled up with one or even 2 of them. He's very loving and affectionate & seems to have found his favorite places to nap and gaze out the window. I really enjoy his company & it's great that there are no fights between him and my other cats.

I was asked to vote for AnimalKind at the Animal Rescue site. I go to the web site every day to click on the link for pet food. Now I also go to the screen to vote for my favorite shelter each day too.

Thank you again for all the work you do to provide and safe and pleasant home for the cats in your care. I'm so happy to have Smokey & hope other cats at AnimalKind also find 'forever' homes.

Anne E. Reuter

Smokey and Grace

Smokey and Rigel

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