Update on Jane the Cat... 6 Mar 2011
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Update on Jane the Cat.. 6 Mar 2011

Jane is a blind kitty - very loving - who was originally found lost and cold and hungry and taken to Animalkind. How she was surviving on her own remains a mystery. She was adopted from Animalkind by this nice and generous human who has a contingent of rats who are getting to know Jane this blind kitty. Truly a success story all the way around.

From Drusilla Kehl - 6 Mar 2011

I just thought you'd like to know that Jane has settled in very nicely. It took about a week for her to stop living under the bed. What finally did it for her was chicken LOL. (Actually, she's a bit of a food moocher.)

She's getting around the apartment fine. I had gotten a set of cat stairs so she could get onto the bed with no effort and she uses them, though she jumps off, and I've seen her jump on too. Jane is very well behaved and will sit on the bed (or on the top of the cat stairs) while the rats** are out without bothering them (though she is interested in their oatmeal. :) So I am very happy with her and it's a success story.

**My pet rats come out for playtime on the bed in a folded-up quilt with some boxes and oatmeal tubes etc under the folded-over side. I've taught them to try to stay on the quilt and they are just getting used to Jane being around. I'm trying to teach her to stay off the quilt so as not to bother them. So far it's been working like a charm. If I ever get a photo, I will certainly send it. I do know of people whose rats get on really well with their cats. It is definitely possible.

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