About Domino - 15 Mar 2011
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From Claudia Ruck 
15 Mar 2011

Hi! I was asked to send some photos of Domino..........

He's such a "people" cat. He is usually the first to jump on a lap when we're watching a movie. He asks to be picked up by sitting on our feet and looking us in the face with those incredible eyes. It works.

I do appreciate how healthy he was when we got him. He can and does leap from a kitchen counter across a walkway to land on top of our refrigerator. From there, he climbs to the top of the cupboards to gaze benevolently down (as cats are wont to do). He's very strong and quite athletic, as you no doubt know.

As the weeks have passed, he no longer seems to be the "outsider". He's not challenging any other cat anymore and seems to have found his place in the top three. He's come to terms with Tillie, our old Aussie, who thinks she's here to keep order, only she's not very fast. Domino avoids her, the best that can be expected. There are a couple of cats that won't take any guff from him and he seems to respect that.

I see him playing hide and seek with a vest left to dangle on a tall stool. It adds to his merriment to have a cat swishing a tail on the same stool. He's wicked quick. I like to think that he's happy. I know we see him as a very special cat. I've been around a lot of cats and he is truly very loving and absolutely unique. Even our vet said that "it looks like you've got a good cat" as part of his summation of Domino's health.

Thanks so much for taking such good care of him.

Claudia Ruck .

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