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Nao (formerly Checkers)

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Dear Katrin, 
My name is Hailey Maurer, and my roommate, Hikaru Inuzuka, and I adopted a cat named Checkers last weekend from Animalkind. I just wanted to send an email and let you know she's doing fine! We both feel like she was the perfect match for us. She's still people-shy and adjusting to indoor-life, but we noticed she's a little more curious rather than scared of us. She's also gotten to the point where she'll purr if we wrap her up in a towel and scratch behind her ears. We're dying to pick her up, but I know before long she'll turn into a snuggle. 
My roommate and I want to thank everyone at Animalkind for introducing Checkers to us! (now named Nao- which is a Japanese name meaning "sincerity") We're so glad she's joined us at our apartment. We chased her around to get some photos of her, so the photos I attached to this email are a little blurry. She's the sweetest kitty ever though, and she's gotten used to the fact that we can't resist taking multiple pictures of her each day :). 
Thanks for all your hard work! Sincerely, Hailey and Hikaru
February 2012

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