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Simba and Blaze

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Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption

March 20, 2012

Hi Katrin,

I just want to send you some updates and pictures of Simba and Blaze. We are very happy to have them home.

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption
Blaze in his glory

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption
mba relaxes

It was a little difficult for them in the beginning. I guess,they missed a lot, all of you and all what they knew....
Now they freely explore the house and make themselves more and more comfortable and at home every day.

We call them Sammie and Sally, but formally they are still Symba and Blaze ( we call them that, too).

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption
Blaze is very loving cat, she loves to cuddle and she loves to play. Most of all, she likes stretching on my computer.

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption
Also, she is enjoying sleeping in her little pink bed.

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption
Simba's favorite place is the window. He can stay there all day long watching the birds. And the neighbors.I think he knows by heart who is coming and going, and when!;-)

Best Regards,

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you for the great job all of you  doing!

Animalkind Simba Blaze cat adoption 


NOTE: Simba and Deblaze (aka Blaze) were originally surrendered together to Animalkind.  The two had been living together for two years and were inseparable. In fact, when they were separated, Deblaze (the female Tuxedo) would not stop crying out for Simba (the orange male). We were so happy at Animalkind when they were indeed adopted together! 

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