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Romeo and Julius - Update - January 25, 2014

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(See other updates from July 30, 2013 and August 23, 2013)

January 25,  2014

Subject: the boys

Hi Denise,

--- will hardly have a minute of free time until early May, so we should think about your coming to visit then.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Romeo Julius

In the meantime, here are pics! Julius (Derry) is a beauty, has a classic cat physique, and is the sweetest thing. Romeo is a cutie, too, and also sweet as can be, but more of a mush ball, not very muscular. Romeo has been a problem child, actually. All has been rectified, except the ruckus at feeding time, a habit that started late last summer. He jumps up on the counter repeatedly and tries to grab a bit of food as I'm trying to put the food in the bowls. Nothing deters him, not even the spray bottle (which, of course, he doesn't like). He jumps down to avoid the spray (all I have to do at this point is point the bottle at him), but then he jumps right back up, like a broken jack-in-the-box, and tries every which way to get to the food! Maybe once a month he succeeds in actually sneaking a bite, and that may be his incentive. I don't know what to do to break this behavior, might eventually call an animal behaviorist. Julius, meanwhile, circles around like most cats do, meowing and waiting for me to put the food down on the floor.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Romeo Julius

Romeo is a sink potato. He will sit for an hour or more staring steadfastly at the kitchen faucet, at the slowly forming drip that will drop once every 15 minutes, then try to swat it mid-air - what a captivating game! Julius is beginning to go wild over catnip; I rub a knit ball in it and he grabs the ball, falls on his back and rolls all over it, purring, then tosses it up in the air, swats it, and chases it around - adorable! What's wonderful to see is how much they love each other. They play together, groom each other, follow each other around, and sleep together either in one of the cat beds or with me. Romeo likes to perch on my back. Julius loves to get under the covers and is very affectionate, cuddles as closely as possible, reaches out to touch my face. He will also swat me in the face to get my attention! When I'm at my computer, each likes to jump on my lap and settle in for a snooze.

Romeo is now 8.6 lbs; Julius, 10.5. Julius always was a little bigger.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Romeo Julius

They have taken over my house - toys scattered everywhere, kitty condo in the foyer - more than I've allowed any other cats I've ever had. At this age I don't care so much about having a perfectly presentable house as having totally happy cats!

I hope all's well with you,

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