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August 10, 2013

Just an update on Angus.......

Animalkind happy cat adoption Angus

Here he is, a couple days ago, prancing around proudly with his favorite “prize” (toy) – he would’ve made a champion mouser but thankfully we don’t have any of those.

Angus is near-impossible to photograph because he moves so fast that even with a flash he’s rarely more than a motion blur in photos, except when he’s asleep; but he curls up so tight in his favorite little bed that it wouldn’t make much of a photo then.

Angus did need another round of Albon for coccidia, but that cleared right up with the med. His vet clinic staff all fell in love with him from Moment One. He eats more than my 11-year-old male tuxedo cat, Tucker. His vet thinks he’ll be quite a long tall cat. She’ll neuter him when he’s 6 months old. He has a slight heart murmur now, but his vet believes that he will grow out of that soon.

Angus is VERY smart, and the sweetest kitten I have ever seen. Someone gave him a lot of good love before I adopted him (many thanks! to all who did that). He chirrups and trills all the time. He’s fitting right into my home, and my heart.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Angus

Thank you for rescuing Angus so that he could find a forever home with us!

Judy Adams

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