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Animalkind, Inc

May 1, 2013

Hi Katrin:

I just wanted to send you an update on Avery. He is the big, black tabby that I adopted from Animalkind when I was working there. The biggest accomplishment of Avery was to take a feral born Kibou from Point Pleasant, NJ, and turn him into a domesticated, Lynx-tip Siamese.

We adopted Kibou when he was 4 months old and he would interact only with Avery, who became his mother. As time went on, Kibou would continue to follow Avery everywhere and “learned” how to be an indoor, domestic kitty. Although Kibou remains a bit more shy than the others, he has become a lap cat, something I thought would never happen.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Avery 

Animalkind happy cat adoption Avery 

Here are their newest pictures, I hope that you enjoy them.

Cindee L. Piccola

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