Fan Mail Letters

Animalkind, Inc

January 26, 2012

Dear Katrin,

I can happily report to you that ‘Baby’ is doing really well in her new surroundings. If she misses all her pals at Animalkind, it doesn’t show. She was completely relaxed from the moment she came home. She was also very vocal at first, but is a little less so now.

She has a love of water that makes me wonder if she would even swim given the chance. I’ve learned to keep the lid down on the toilets and finally found a stainless steel mixing bowl with sides high enough so that she doesn’t splash it all out on the floor. She has a great appetite for both wet and dry food.

She loves to sleep on top of a little carpet-covered, drum-shaped kitty condo, though she won’t go inside it. She likes to sleep or sit on top and gaze out the window. She doesn’t cuddle much, only briefly, and she’s not slept on my bed yet, but I hope she will. Her missing foot doesn’t slow her down a bit, in fact, she prefers running to walking, and it appears to be much easier for her. Play doesn’t seem to be of interest to her, she ignores catnip mice and other small toys, even a white fur mouse that I can bounce around at the end of a string. So I hope to help her with that.

Thanks Katrin, for this amazing and wonderful work you do to help these creatures, who only want to be loved.

Sincerely and with love,

NOTE: Baby found her way to Animalkind in November, 2011. She is a three-legged Russian Blue female kitty who, at 10 years of age, was surrendered. Now she has the purrfect home!

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