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Barn Cats and Feral Cats

Animalkind, Inc

 April 9, 2014

Dear Katrin:

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and let you know how much it means to have support and help when it is needed most.  

We have a colony of feral cats we have been caring for over a year now. My daughter and I have managed to catch 4 and have them spayed/neutered. Jen was helpful and even came to my home to check out my situation and give advice on what I needed to do.

 I brought 2 cats to you at the Warren Inn (June 2013) and the other two I brought to my vet. We currently have a female who is again pregnant and am having a difficult time catching. I spoke with Kathy and Jen this past weekend and they were very helpful and agreed to take any cat I could catch for Sunday morning. 

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Jen even called me back to say I could drop-off a cat this past Tuesday. Again, I could not catch anyone.

Animalkind barn cats feral cats

We currently have 5 more cats to catch and we kept and bottle-fed an abandoned kitten that is now 10 months old. My plan is to catch and spay/neuter & vaccinate everyone. I need to keep the colony population down as it is becoming very expensive and my heart breaks each time I see one of the cats hurt from a fight with another cat or wild animal. They have been living on my porch all winter with heated bowls, heated bed pads and shelter boxes with straw. 

I will continue to donate to Animalkind and seek your help and assistance with getting “my” cats taken care of.

You really provide a great service to our community. I know you and your staff really care and always do the very best you can.

Thanks again to you and the kind and dedicated people of your organization.

MaryAnn Dufficy

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