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Be Be and Henry

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BE BE & HENRY (formerly Dee Dee and Domino)

December 27, 2012

Hello Denise,

We adopted two cats from Animalkind in late September2012 - Dee Dee and Domino. We have since renamed them — Dee Dee is now Bebe, which rhymes with her old name, and Domino is now Henry.

Animalkind cat adoption 

Bebe adapted to our home as if she’d always lived here. She’s totally unflappable and very much her own person, friendly but not fawning. We took her to our vet shortly after she came to us and discovered that she had a serious throat and gum infection, due the vet said, to an extreme allergic reaction to bacteria between her teeth. We started with a course of antibiotics and then, as the vet recommended, had all of her teeth, other than the canines and those in front, removed. She responded very well and indicated no discomfort after the extraction.

Perhaps her mouth had hurt so long that she didn’t notice the difference. I do think she feels better generally since her dental work. She’s very playful, often instigating tussles with the much larger Henry and has a voracious appetite. I know that she was comfortable at Animal Kind after being there 2 1/2 years, but I think she very much likes having a home.

Animalkind cat adoption

Henry is a very different character. Unlike Bebe, he had a home before and maybe that accounts for it. He’s a sensitive soul, rather needy, and wanting constant attention and affection. We were looking for a cuddle cat and we got one in him. He’s a very appealing fellow, comical, friendly, even with strangers. When we come home he runs from wherever he is to greet us. He is fixated on the bathroom sink faucet and water generally.

Shortly after coming here Henry showed symptoms of an allergy, sneezing in the usual fashion and also what the vet termed backward sneezing. We have tried everything we can think of: we bought an air purifier, vacuum and dust frequently, keep vaporizers going 24 hours a day, and don’t store firewood in the house. We tried a raw food diet, which he didn’t care for, though Bebe loved it. He doesn’t seem disturbed by his occasional sneezing fits. It certainly hasn’t affected his appetite and he’s quite full of energy, We hope that in the spring with windows open whatever environmental sensitivity he has will be relieved.

So, they’re doing very well. Bebe is so small and compact and so totally black and Henry is so large and white with black blotches that they make a very striking pair. I don’t know if they were acquainted at Animalkind, but they have become great friends here.

Best wishes,
Cyd Emmons

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