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Catniss Everdeen (formerly Tarsha)

Animalkind, Inc

April 19, 2013

Animalkind happy cat adoption Catniss 

I wanted to drop you guys a note to let you know how Tarsha, now Catniss Everdeen, is doing in her new home. It was a long, stinky car ride back to Boston, but, even after a forced shower, she was so excited to explore her new home. It's been a month, but it feels like she's been here forever--she's so self-assured and friendly. She loves the plethora of cat toys everywhere, and spends most of her day playing games. Most recently, she's become attached to a paper ball kind of toy... she pounces on it, bats it all over the apartment before finally catching it, drags it off to her lair (the shower), then brings it back out, strategically puts it down somewhere she can stalk it, and begins again. She's also very fond of her squeaky toy, the laser pointer (both the dot and the pointer itself), her fishing rod toys, feet and shoes, the rug (good for hiding under!), and her sister, Julia's, tail (unfortunately for Julia!). The two of them have their fights, but the three of us are able to play together, and recently they've been able to get along well enough for simultaneous petting when I come home. Progress!

Animalkind happy cat adoption Catniss 

She visited the vet for the first time about a week after we got home, to discuss her allergy situation, and she just charmed the socks off of everyone involved. The technicians couldn't believe how friendly she is, even when getting blood drawn, and my receptionist friend says that she was the talk of the day. The bloodwork results show that her antibodies are high for everything, but not quite high enough to go the vaccine route for her allergies. Things seem to have calmed down a bit since she's gotten here--she's off the soft paws now without much skin breaking, thanks in part I think to switching to the Breeze litter system--and we're going to try short-term steroid injections to see if we can't get things down a little bit more (apparently allergic reactions like hers are somewhat self-sustaining, and if we can get a jump on it, it might calm down in the long-term). Once we try that, we'll also be cycling through foods to see if we can't make it just a little better. Thanks to the great care she received with you, she's going to be able to be de-itchified much faster than if we didn't have the dermatology and elimination diet results to work with :)

Animalkind happy cat adoption Catniss 

I've included some pictures of her and her sister--she's a tough cat to photograph, she doesn't sit still! [IMAGE Catniss Everdeen 4.jpg] More photos here Thanks again for taking such good care of her and for letting me take her home! Casi NOTE from Animalkind:  This Showshoe Siamese beauty came to Animalkind with allergies of unknown origin. She would severely scratch herself to the point where she bled.  Consequently, while the vet was treating her allergy, she wore a "cone"protector on her neck so she could not scratch.  Also, she was placed on a daily dose of Zyrtec.  Her scratch wounds healed, and her pesonality charmed everyone who visited Animalkind.  We are delighted that Tasha (now "Catniss Everdeen") has found such a wonderful home! content

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