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Animalkind, Inc

May 4, 2012

Update on Charley

Katrin & Animalkind Friends --

Enclosed please find a check to help out the kitties - So Sorry to hear about the recent fire.  I'll give as much as I can when I can again soon.

Animalkind cat adoption Charley 

Charley (our Animalkind adoptee - approx Jan 2010) went crazy when I watched your YouTube video.  He heard the cats crying and was very concerned -- trying to get to the crying cats through the speakers!

Animalkind cat adoption Charley
Charlie doing yoga on my lap while I paint.  (He put himself in this position - very silly!

I will always be ever grateful to Animalkind for finding us our perfect and gorgeous Mr. Charley!

Best of luck restoring your building.


Lora Shelly, Rob & Charley

Animalkind cat adoption Charley
Many paintings of Charley - the Model Cat (from Animalkind) by ŠLora Shelly

Animalkind cat adoption Charley
Closeup of Charley paintings (on recycled materials) by ŠLora Shelly>

Charley has been quite an inspiration in my studio!

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