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Coal, TJ and Otto

Animalkind, Inc

 March , 2012

Re:  Not so feral anymore!

Hello Katrin,

It's been three years since the first ferals came to my barn from Animalkind.

Here are a few photos:

  Animalkind cat adopt feral    

TJ (gray cat) was a feral kitten trapped at Stewart's in Germantown. He was so unhappy in his cage at Animalkind that he became the first cat you ever gave me. Today he is the alpha of the colony, a calm, wise presence.

 Coal came with two other black cats, who sadly did not stick around. But Coal is thriving. Coal gets along with everyone, unlike some of the other females in the colony.

Animalkind cat adopt feral 

Otto, a teenage orange kitten, came from a rescue group in Colonie. I remember coming to Animalkind to pick him up, and even then you were wondering if you really wanted to part with him. You mused that maybe he'd like to live at your house instead...but come with me he did, and he's grown into every visitor's favorite. Otto loves attention and allows a little petting.

These are just three cats of a whole bunch, but I wanted to remind you of them. They had a good life after all.


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