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Dom Deluise (formerly Prudence)

Animalkind, Inc

August 12, 2013

Hi Guys,

You may have heard by now but Andrew and I picked up Prudence yesterday. We’re keeping him separate from Nyla for now, but they do keep making friendly overtures to each other through the French doors, so I’m hopeful the settling in will not be too stressful.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Prudence Dom Deluise

Prudence has his check-up appointment tomorrow with our vet. We’d had him home for about six hours yesterday, he was sitting on my lap enjoying some scratches when he leapt almost all the way across the room and caught a mouse. I was very impressed with his agility and he seemed pretty happy with himself. Our house is over 100 years old with a stone foundation, so he’ll be keeping in hunting shape.

Animalkind happy cat adoption Prudence Dom Deluise

We have re-named him Dom Deluise since he keeps rubbing up against my cookbooks and then eating. He seems happy so far, a little wary of the new place, but he’s not hiding or anything, so I’ll take it as a good sign.

I will send some pictures once we integrate everyone.

Thank you again,


October 24, 2013

Hi Chip and Katrin, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather. We haven’t been able to stop by yet, but judging by the press release the new shelter is gorgeous and full of very happy and grateful cats!  I can’t imagine how good that must make you feel. 

We’ve been fairly busy, and I apologize for not sending a few photos sooner.

Animalkind DomDeluise fan mail

The day we adopted Dom, we promised to send some pictures; all of the staff were happy (and a little sad) to see him go, so please share!  Our vet declared him fit as fiddle, and actually thinks his age was slightly overestimated; he says if Dom is 10, he is a very young-looking 10, and pegs his age closer to 8.  Dom did start to get a little kitty acne on his chin, so we’ve switched him to a metal dish for his wet food, which he stands on his back legs to beg for.  He and Nyla have made friends, although sometimes he plays rough and she gets annoyed.

Animalkind DomDeluise fan mail

He’s taught her how to use the cat scratcher too (we had seen him use one at the shelter and bought him one for our house).Our couch thanks you as well!  I think he’s very happy with us, so we’d like to thank you for talking us into him.  He isn’t a lap cat, though; he likes to be near us, but doesn’t cuddle, so we may be back in the Spring for one more addition to our family to fill in the snuggle requirement.

Take care,

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