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Animalkind cat adopt Domino Dee Dee  Animalkind cat adopt Domino Dee Dee

October 12, 2012

 Hi Animalkind,

Tomorrow will be two weeks and both are doing quite well and  settling into predictable routines.  Once Domino was coaxed from his hiding place  (you warned us of that) after three days, he never looked back.

He spends evenings in our laps and all night with us in bed, and he must be  the most affectionate fellow we've ever known.  He and Dee Dee run and play  every morning. She is more laid back and a bit more reserved and removed  but she freely purrs and is sweet and friendly and a delight in every way.

We are zeroing in closer on their favorite foods every day. Dee Dee has a little respiratory condition and Domino has recently showed signs of faving a hairball so our vet visit next Monday is right on time.

Attached are photos of each on our screened porch after one  week. This is a very good match for us. We sem to all like one another's company.

One chilly day last week we had a fire in the woodstove and that was a marvel for them.  With winter fast approaching, we expect it to become a hangout.

Thanks for being who you are. We are grateful that support for Animalkind is strong.

All the best,
Cyd and John Emmons

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