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Eightball and Jinx

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Eightball and Jinx (formerly Nixon and Juno)
December 30, 2012

Update on two former ferals

Animalkind cat adoption Eightball Jinx 

Nixon (male with 3 legs, black/white long hair) has been re-named "Eightball"

Juno (female, tabby/ tuxedo) has been re-named "Jinx"

Eightball's just fine.  He has grown to almost twice size since time of adoption.  Adapting to people, slowly but surely.  Recently coming out of hiding and not being so skittish around people-- although still allows no touching.

Jinx chewed her spaying stitches away, and was taken to Vet, stapled, given an antibiotic injection (at my request)(as her side had opened up) to be on safe side.  She removed 4 of the 6 staples herself; the other 2 were removed by Vet (under circumstances, was glad I asked for antibiotics).  She has also gained weight and filled out nicely.  Her general size has not changed as did Eightball's (perhaps he was younger than originally thought and just finished growing up?)  She is still very, very leery of people -  only shows herself to a select few, and then only with the lure of food...and, of course, remains untouchable....

They still reside in my sunroom, are provided more than enough food, fresh water and treats than is necessary, and a large comfortable space with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and, of course a large, clean litter box.  They don't seem to know how to play with toys (including catnip mice) but they've been provided with quite a few of different variety.

Just the past couple weeks, I have started attempting to get them indoors (the house proper) with food, of course.  They have been  very , very skittish and will only come barely across theshold, and then they run back into sun room when they see the door being closed.

Eightball has, when left to own devices, explored some of the house, stole some dog food from the dog's dish, (and ran like crazy with it to the sunroom).  Jinx hasn't done too much of anything to change from feral to domestic (another reason I feel Eightball might have been younger - and perhaps she older - than originally thought). Eightball just seems to be more willing to adapt than Jinx does, but that's O K.  

All in good time. Progress is slow, but let's think about took years and/or generations of feral cats to produce these two, so it's going to take time to "tame" them.

I appreciate your checking up on them - it shows a sign of commitment to your mission.  If at any point in time you would like to see Eightball or Jinx and/or where they live, give me a call or an E mail for directions and come on out.

PS:  Forgot to mention:  After the original intro to dog ( Kilo, beagle, neutered male, 8 years old), they all seem to get along fine. Have not as yet let cats outdoors, but as the sunroom is the main entrance to the house, is 20 x 20 ft, glass floor to ceiling on three sides w/a vaulted ceiling, sliders (which can be opened), they don't really seem to want to go out. Thanks again for inquiry, if can be of any further help, just ask.

Betty Lou Towart

PS:  Forgot to mention that "Eightball" will be appearing in a painting of the Furgary "shacks" on display Jan 19 - Mar 15 at the C C C A Building on Warren St. in Hudson  He will appear sitting at the front of one of the buildings, where he originally lived -the Furgary Boat Club - courtesy of Valerie White, local artist and owner/operator of Mountain Cat Studio, Hudson, N Y.  She is a long time friend, fellow cat lover and supporter of Animalkind, and just adores "Eightball" and asked if she could incorporate him into one of her paintings for this show.  Like any proud Mom, of course I said yes.  Thought you folks might like to know. 

Thanks again for all you do. 

Betty Lou

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