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Animalkind, Inc

Jan 3, 2013

Hi Denise,

We have renamed Smokey - to Finnbar.

He is very social with our other 3 cats and grooms the oldest female (Elsie). He is still a bit shy with us but rubs against our legs when we prepare the cat food. He has fit in nicely.

We brought him to the vet a few months ago for a check-up. He has been taking the vet recommended Lysine treat tablets for his sneezing respiratory health. He doesn't sneeze anymore.

Animalkind cat adoption Finnbar Smokey 

Finnbar is doing well and finds the best sleeping spots.

Animalkind cat adoption Finnbar Smokey 

Thank you again for letting us adopt Finny and for the Shelter Cat gift of healthcare.

Caroline B.

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